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TOPIC atoz
12 year old girl arrested for grabbing a boys' ass 2
149 ways to wipe your ass book 2
500 pounds 2
A little bit of turmoil and tumultuousness 2
ADD radio 2
Age range 2
Ah fuck it 2
Already? 2
Anal cleansing 2
Arrest for that? 2
As seen on TV? 2
Ass cheeks get it? 2
Attempting to visualize what I would find least attractive 2
Attractive girl shamed by her family to hide her body when she was younger 2
Barbaric bullshit 2
Black privilege? 2
Blanket policies 2
Bottom buddy tissue aid 2
Boxing is dying 2
Bubba could be a cuckold 2
Bubba secretly recorded them 2
Bum pinching game 2
Call out bullshit in other cultures as well as our own 2
Calling Flash 2
Change in societal view of the war on drugs 2
Cheeky attack 2
Chubby chasers 2
Desnudas 2
Double entendre in the story 2
Everyone has a cross to bear 2
Evil Mickey Mouse wishing death on me on the last show 2
Explaining what google is 2
Exploring the " pinch the ass of the grossest person" concept 2
Facial hair and body hair is a big turn off 2
Familiar topics 2
Female public toplessness 2
Final destination 2
Finding the time 2
Fits in one hand 2
Flap jack boobies 2
For far too long shit stick users have been underappreciated 2
Fuck you trash truck 2
Fucking the grossest person one can think of 2
Getting more people involved in the show 2
Going to pee 2
Going to the most shocking disgusting place for no reason 2
Good song 2
Green mile actor 51 is marrying a 16 year old country singer 2
Hate crime double standard 2
Hate crime laws do not apply to racially based attacks on white people 2
Having blood taken 2
Having difficulty finding the show I am looking for 2
He doesn't want any of my show 2
He may have been flattered 2
He only fought him because he black 2
He should be institutionalized 2
He suggests to NOT use this from the side 2
He was a Mexican fella 2
He wrote a novel about his shit stick 2
He's driving 2
Hiding behind safety 2
High on spice 2
His daughter did pinch the boys' ass 2
Hitting a deer on the highway that same day 2
Hogan fucking Bubba the love sponge's wife 2
Hogan's cock 2
How do we deal with terrorists? 2
How should I handle her song 2
Hulk Hogan's victory over Gawker 2
Hulk was able to get quite a bit of money from gawker for them releasing that 2
I am going to play that song that I was sent on twitter as an outro 2
I assume he smeared shit on the side of his ass 2
I can't change the way that I do the show 2
I didn't do anything I said I was going to do on the last show 2
I don't agree 2
I don't have an issue with the age difference 2
I don't know if it is officially called a shit stick 2
I don't know what's going on in this world 2
I don't think many people pay attention to things like this like they once did 2
I don't think the game was " pinching the ass of the grossest person one can think of" 2
I don't think we talk about the way the Islamic world treats women 2
I especially get annoyed when they try to turn me on t their germaphobia 2
I had forgotten that I tried to hypnotize myself 2
I have a scratchy itchy throat 2
I have an unhealthy life style 2
I like big bums and little bums 2
I loathe people that sticks their nose where it doesn't belong 2
I suck sometimes 2
I support ya 2
I think Bubba secretly wants to fuck the Hulkster 2
I think I made the magic happen 2
I think Nick may be shitting 2
I think it would be mutually beneficial to play her song 2
I think some people would like me to die 2
I think this is a racist parody question 2
I vaguely remember similar games 2
I want a modern day shit stick 2
I was going to do the show earlier today 2
I will have to do some medical research 2
I wish them nothing but pain and suffering 2
I wouldn't want to play that game 2
I'm a little annoyed 2
I'm an ass man 2
I'm back but I have to pee 2
I'm still a youngster 2
I'm trudging ahead 2
I've been called that before 2
If they have a connection they have a connection 2
If you are not digging this show don't listen 2
Imus 2
In general younger is more attractive but I do find some older women attractive as well 2
In theory this is fun to think about but it's criminal activity in reality 2
Is he really victimized by this? 2
Is my show too crass and sexual? 2
Is that a thing? 2
It is a real mental issue 2
It is not anyone's business 2
It's harmless 2
Japanese has weird sexual culture 2
Judgement free zone 2
LIVE on periscope 2
Last week's stories kind of sucked 2
Laughing at myself 2
Legislation to regulate the desnudas and the costume character's 2
Let's bring shit sticks to the forefront of our public discussion 2
Let's see 2
Logging into twitter 2
Looking up allergic to black people while I pee 2
Looking up more shit sticks 2
Looking up shit sticks on my phone 2
MMA now legal in New York 2
Man that was there for THREE terrorist attacks 2
Maybe I should just play the last show if that's all I am going to talk about 2
McGinty podcast 2
Me listening to me playing clips of me 2
My issues with blood and internal organs growing up 2
My sound clips were fucked up and ruined that bit 2
My taste varies greatly 2
My throat is still itchy 2
NO! 2
Negative story 2
Nick? 2
Nixon aid admits that The war on drugs was set up to target black people and the counter culture 2
Nobody watched the youtube videos 2
Not the best wiper 2
Now she is saying fuck you to all that shit 2
One person asked why black people hair is different from white people hair 2
Other women blaming attractive women for the behavior of men 2
Over the top asshole 2
People are wiping their ass with corn cobs? 2
Playing ShaynaLeigh @heyshaynaleigh song 2
Playing Static lullaby's cover of Brittney Spear's toxic 2
Politicians do not focus on the war on drugs enough 2
Politicians had the UFC banned in many states at the time 2
Prison is a good example of supply and demand 2
Public Discussion 2
Reaching out to Johnny 2
Reading a yahoo question about being allergic to black people 2
Reading medical questions about black people 2
Reading shit stick reviews on Amazon 2
Redman 2
Reflection in my glasses is distracting 2
Seminole like the fluid 2
Sex with the handicapped 2
Sexual positions discussion 2
Shaggy from scooby doo voice 2
Sharia law 2
Shaved head 2
ShaynaLeigh @heyshaynaleigh song 2
She does not look 16 2
She is speaking for her child that does NOT want the girl prosecuted 2
She would use a shit stick to wipe 2
She's a nudge 2
Shit stick has a wikipedia? 2
Shut the fuck up 2
Slide show videos 2
Something is amputated 2
Speed read weed 2
Speed weed 2
Stay the fuck out of my life 2
Still looking if this is real 2
Story about a 17 year old that had TWO female teacher's sucking his dick AND they let him film it 2
Synthetic marijuana = spice 2
Taking my vitamins 2
Taking that shit 2
Talking about my final destination moment 2
Talking about the 12 year old bum pincher 2
Teacher's taking a class on how to not fuck the students 2
Terrible father/daughter story from last week 2
Terrorist attack in Brussels 2
That just made my day 2
That was a shitty answer 2
That's not it 2
The New York post has many sensational stories as well 2
The ONLY state where is was still illegal was New York 2
The Quran views women as half of a man 2
up-solid down-solid